I guess I should be happy it is Wednesday, because we are halfway through the week!!  I am working on trying to unpack the last 6 boxes from my move, just does not seem that it will ever end.  Ever have that feeling?  My office/cross stitch (STASH) room is the final room to get straightened out, so I am trying really hard to stick with this project today.  My goal is to have it done before Saturday.

Worked on my Village of Hawk Run a little bit last night.  I know I haven’t posted a picture but will try tonight to take it off the Q-Snaps to take a picture.  I am having a lot of fun stitching this piece because each square is its own picture.  The misleading thing about this design is that each square is 94 x 94 and there are 12 of them!!

I’m going to spend sometime going through my stitching rotation.  I would like to bring 2 more WIP into the mix.

Happy Wednesday!!