Someone posed the question on another blog about why cross stitching is not very poplular…here are my thoughts….Would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

I personally think it is a place in life that you have to be in to take on stitching, i.e. like having a baby..(stitiching a sampler). Maybe it relates to a lifestyle change no more school and dating, so have more time for a hobby.

I have a 24 year old daughter that I have taught to stitch on linen and not till just recently did she pick it up again, to kill time when her boyfriend is at work.

I also understand that the designs out there in magazines and kits don’t have younger people in mind. That being said what I liked 20 years ago is very different from what I stich now…like no more Aida only linen.

Maybe if someone could think outside the box and design more eclectic designs or ones that cater to a certain design in a house….ie, Art Deco.

I am in that boat right now the sytle of my house is way different then what I stitch, so I am trying to find things that I could actually frame and put up in my living room. My house is in grays with a mix of contemporary and traditional.

If designers could put the pulse on what a younger generations style is maybe cross stitching would have a revivial. Usually in a bad economy, people are more prone to stay home and possibly learning a new hobby. It would be great if cross stitching could be that hobby!!