Ok, well I am attempting to write on this blog while traveling on the train back home from San Diego. It is very hard to type on the train specially when heading home…..I think they go faster so it is way more bumpy.

If you have been following this blog you know that I have been working on “The Village of Hawk Run Hollow”. I have made it to box #8, but have been reading on other blogs where they have been rotating what they are working on each night. I used to be of the mind set that I would work on a large project and then switch to something small, completing each one before starting something new. I have finally decided that I will try a stitching rotation, working on something different each night. I have so many WIP’s that this might give me the chance to change things up and make a dent on them.
So tonight I am going to work on “Pretty Pumpkins” by Glendon Place and then tomorrow night “Quaker Christmas” by By Gone Stitches.

Of course I have other WIP’s to add to my weekly rotation and will dig them out tonight and will update my blog soon….as well as new pictures.

I will be working on Wednesday and Thursday night this week so might not be able to stitch much, but will try. I am really going to try and stick with this rotation for 2 weeks to see how much progress I will be able to make…wish me luck.