September 2009

As promised I’m finally able to add a picture of my WIP “Pretty Pumpkins”, by Glendon Place.

Pretty Pumpkins by Glendon Place

Pretty Pumpkins by Glendon Place

I will try and take a better picture later, it does not do the color of the fabric justice.


So the past three weeks has been a real rollercoaster ride for my family and myself. My Dad is still in the CCU unit and is still on a ventilator. He is really weak so they decided to put a trach in so that he can start to be weened off the ventilator. I am really encouraged on how much progress has occured over the past week, hopefully each day will get better.

I have been stitching a little. I have been bringing “Pretty Pumpkins” by Glendon Place with me to the hospital, it is really starting to take shape. I know that I have lacked adding photos but will really try to by the weekend.

On another fun note…I am going to the USC vs. Washington State game and will be tailgating before the game…fun times!! After last weeks loss and am hoping that this will be a better game. Go Trojans!! Fight On!!

My Dad was rushed to the hospital last Friday/Saturday am with a GI bleed. They could not isolate where it was coming from so they ended up having to remove his entire colon. He has been in the CCU unit for a week…and it has been a slow recovery process. I have been going between home and Palm Springs for the past week, so have not been able to post and very little stitching. I am praying that he will get better soon!!