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I am looking for an OOP chart or kit by Candamar Designs called “Teapot Stack”. If anyone has this and would be willing to part with it please let me know. I just love the colors in this pattern.

teapot stack finished 06 march 07


I recently started a new blog. It is please visit me and tell me what you think. I have notice that most people are using Blogger instead of WordPress so I thought I would try it.

Happy Stitiching…hope everyone has a great weekend.

As promised I’m finally able to add a picture of my WIP “Pretty Pumpkins”, by Glendon Place.

Pretty Pumpkins by Glendon Place

Pretty Pumpkins by Glendon Place

I will try and take a better picture later, it does not do the color of the fabric justice.

Someone posed the question on another blog about why cross stitching is not very poplular…here are my thoughts….Would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

I personally think it is a place in life that you have to be in to take on stitching, i.e. like having a baby..(stitiching a sampler). Maybe it relates to a lifestyle change no more school and dating, so have more time for a hobby.

I have a 24 year old daughter that I have taught to stitch on linen and not till just recently did she pick it up again, to kill time when her boyfriend is at work.

I also understand that the designs out there in magazines and kits don’t have younger people in mind. That being said what I liked 20 years ago is very different from what I stich now…like no more Aida only linen.

Maybe if someone could think outside the box and design more eclectic designs or ones that cater to a certain design in a house….ie, Art Deco.

I am in that boat right now the sytle of my house is way different then what I stitch, so I am trying to find things that I could actually frame and put up in my living room. My house is in grays with a mix of contemporary and traditional.

If designers could put the pulse on what a younger generations style is maybe cross stitching would have a revivial. Usually in a bad economy, people are more prone to stay home and possibly learning a new hobby. It would be great if cross stitching could be that hobby!!

Romantic Couple finished in 2007 Close up of upper bodyI was on webshots today and found this in someones completed projects folder. She said the kit was from China and did not know the name or designer. Has anybody seen this before or know who the designer is? Not that I don’t have anything to stitch….haha!!

I had a really busy weekend, but unfortunately no stitching. I have been having computer issues so am in the process of building a new computer….but having major dificulties. I finished some painting around the house that needed to be completed since we had some electrical work done.

I finished block #6 of Village of Hawk Run and am well on my way on box #7. After work today I am really going to try and stitch. It really does help me keep my sanity…haha. Tomorrow I will be taking the train for my weekly trip to the office on Tuesday. Tuesdays are usually pretty stressful since I have to wake up before 5 to catch the train.

I will try and post a new picture of VoHRH sometime this week!!

The Village of Hawk Run Progress 06-25-09

The Village of Hawk Run Progress 06-25-09

Finally I was abble to take a picture of my progress on The Village of Hawk Run by Carriage House Samplings.  I have had this piece in my rotation for sometime but had decided to only concentrate on it for right now.  Since my move I have really not had the time to stitch.  Now that my unpacking is almost finished I have found more time to stitch.  I am taking a trip over the 4th of July to Portland, Oregon and am planing on bringing the piece to work on.  I have brought stitching with me before on vacations and seldom get to work on it, but I know if I don’t bring it I will wish I had, so it is going with me.

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