I really didn’t get to stitch at all this weekend, which means I have not progressed as much as I wanted too on “Pretty Pumpkins”. I will post a picture tomorrow of my progress. I had written over a month ago that I wanted to try a rotation of stitching, but just as I wrote that my Dad got really sick and was in the CCU unit for over a month. So needless to say I never started the rotation. I think tonight I will start, don’t know yet what WIP it will be. I will see what kind of mood I am in when I get home from my day at the office in San Diego.
I have a few WIP’s to choose from so that should be fun chosing!!


I have been really trying to focus on “Pretty Pumpkins” from Glendon Place. I am hoping that I will get to put more time into it this weekend. I really want to start working on another project but am going to try and stick with this one. Thanks for looking!!

Pretty Pumpkin Update 10/8/2009

By the way thought I would include this picture too. We are Dodger fans and I guess so is our Yorkie “Vegas”. Yes, he does have a Dodger jersey amongst other team gear….Haha!!

Go Dodgers!!

So the past three weeks has been a real rollercoaster ride for my family and myself. My Dad is still in the CCU unit and is still on a ventilator. He is really weak so they decided to put a trach in so that he can start to be weened off the ventilator. I am really encouraged on how much progress has occured over the past week, hopefully each day will get better.

I have been stitching a little. I have been bringing “Pretty Pumpkins” by Glendon Place with me to the hospital, it is really starting to take shape. I know that I have lacked adding photos but will really try to by the weekend.

On another fun note…I am going to the USC vs. Washington State game and will be tailgating before the game…fun times!! After last weeks loss and am hoping that this will be a better game. Go Trojans!! Fight On!!

My Dad was rushed to the hospital last Friday/Saturday am with a GI bleed. They could not isolate where it was coming from so they ended up having to remove his entire colon. He has been in the CCU unit for a week…and it has been a slow recovery process. I have been going between home and Palm Springs for the past week, so have not been able to post and very little stitching. I am praying that he will get better soon!!

I really don’t have an update because unfortunately I have not been able to stitch this entire week. I have been working after hours for the company that my Mom works for so no stitching for me. I have not been able to try my rotation experiement! Hopefully, I will be able to stitch on Friday night and will start it then.

On a happy note, I was able to buy some new linen on Ebay from a shop that had recently closed. I know that a lot of people don’t like R & R fabric but I really love the colors that they have and the way samplers turn out when using it. Can’t wait to see what the actual colors look like when I get my package.

I promise that I will start taking pictures of my WIP’s this weekend. I love when blogs have updated pictures on them so I will have them too..soon!!

Hope everyone is able to get a lot of stitching in today…I’m jealous, there is always the weekend!!

Ok, well I am attempting to write on this blog while traveling on the train back home from San Diego. It is very hard to type on the train specially when heading home…..I think they go faster so it is way more bumpy.

If you have been following this blog you know that I have been working on “The Village of Hawk Run Hollow”. I have made it to box #8, but have been reading on other blogs where they have been rotating what they are working on each night. I used to be of the mind set that I would work on a large project and then switch to something small, completing each one before starting something new. I have finally decided that I will try a stitching rotation, working on something different each night. I have so many WIP’s that this might give me the chance to change things up and make a dent on them.
So tonight I am going to work on “Pretty Pumpkins” by Glendon Place and then tomorrow night “Quaker Christmas” by By Gone Stitches.

Of course I have other WIP’s to add to my weekly rotation and will dig them out tonight and will update my blog soon….as well as new pictures.

I will be working on Wednesday and Thursday night this week so might not be able to stitch much, but will try. I am really going to try and stick with this rotation for 2 weeks to see how much progress I will be able to make…wish me luck.

I have not been able to stitch much the past few days, which drives me crazy. I finally finished box #7 on Village of Hawk Run Hollow and have completed the border for box #8. For those of you that haven’t stitched this project yet, there are almost 400 stitches just in the border for all 12 boxes….Wow! I am sometimes hard on myself thinking that I am not going that fast, but there is a huge amount of stitching in this piece. I just cannot wait till I am done. I know I have promised an updated picture I will try to remember tonight to take one.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!

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