my-house.jpg This is a pattern that I came across on Ebay as a completed design.  The person that listed it called it “My House”.  I contacted the seller to ask the name of the designer or manufacturer but they did not know…..still searching.

east-market-street.jpgEast Market Street by Barbara Noel of Cadle-Creek Crossstitch.    A row of victorian buildings reminesent of old New England.

 prince-george-street.jpg Prince George Street by Barbara Noel of Cadle-Creek Crosstitch.  Another design by Barbara Noel that I am trying to find. 


7 Responses to “Cross Stitch Charts I’m Looking For”

  1. Judy Urban Says:

    I, too, am looking for these or any similar designs by Barbara Noel. I have done the Williamsburg Christmas and have #4 in her heirloom series Olde Towne Rowhouses. Let me know if you find her designs anywhere.

  2. Louise Chamberlain Says:

    Stephanie- I have the Prince George Street, it is call Olde Towne Rowhouses, part of the Heirloom Series.. please feel free to contact me.

  3. Gail Says:

    I have several of Barbara Noel patterns. I do have the East Market street and Main Street with colored tulips in the front.

  4. Sammantha Says:

    Do you have any news about ” my house” pattern ??? the first one ???? please let me know its beautiful

  5. kay berringer Says:

    I too have done the Williamsburg Christmas (#30) and also (#32) Victorian Christmas. Would love to do more but, can’t seem to find anything about her other patterns listed. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

  6. kay berringer Says:

    Please let me know if anyone has any of her patterns or where she is. My last address for her is Jacobus, Pa. 17407

  7. Gail Says:

    I have east market street and Prince George street patterns

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